Hurton, William (8509h)

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Hurton, William
A Voyage from Leith to Lapland; or, pictures of Scandinavia in 1850 / by William Hurton. – 2 uppl. – London: Richard Bentley, 1852. – [5], iv, 344 s. ; 22 cm.




Geografi; reseskildringar; Norge; Tromsö; Lappland; samer; Hammerfest; Finnmarken; midnattssolen; Nordkap

Bokvisning (Kräver plug-in/insticksmodul) (nytt fönster)


Vi har digitaliserat sidorna 243-331.

Hurton irriterade sig över passkontrollerna:
The passport system in Norway and Sweden is very annoying. Every fresh town you visit, you must have your papers viséed, and pay a fee. The natives themselves cannot leave one town for another without a passport. On leaving Tromsö I paid eighty skillings Norsk (about three shillings), merely for my name being written on the clearing paper of the vessel I had obtained a passage in. (s. 326)